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What You Say Is What You Get®: Positive Leadership-The Power of Fathering

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 What You Say Is What You Get®: Positive Leadership Power Blog from Dr. Linne Bourget, June 2018--The Power of Fathering in Leadership

Honoring Father’s day, I am reflecting on my best client executives and how “fathering” their teams made them so successful...what was it that made their employees think so highly of them?

From research for my new leadership manual on leaders’ seeing strengths, I found 
studies showing 57-90% of employees are disengaged! Scary and expensive in terms of lost productivity and commitment! 

What type of “fathering” might create more employee engagement?

One executive, a Senior Vice-President in a Fortune 100 firm, was so beloved that his executive assistant told me
that if anything ever happened to him, the place would collapse emotionally. 
One morning he cracked a joke about leaving, and for every meeting that day 
I had to deal with the rumor, as everyone was so upset.  I had to go back to him 
and recommend he set the record straight!

Usually I worked with him and his teams for a week at a time at their corporate 
headquarters, and he and I would have debriefing meetings at the end of the day. Time after time I saw people come 
from field locations, who were not his direct reports, sometimes several levels lower 
on the organization chart, to update him on what they were doing.  

This was remarkable, and I watched carefully to see why they would do this.  
Their consistent theme was telling him what they were accomplishing, 
their successes, not their complaints! What they wanted from him was 
listening and appreciation, and he was great at giving both. His appreciation 
drew them in from afar! His Appreciative Quotient®, or AQ, was very high, 
a strong factor in his success. It was no accident that he had received a 
double promotion! His organization was filled with highly engaged employees!

I was excited to see this as appreciation is the core of my Positive Leadership Systems and was the topic of my pioneering Ph.D. dissertation on the topic. But at that time consulting was all about finding out what was wrong with you and fixing you, so I was NOT popular.  Now Positive Leadership is more accepted.

v How about you? 
v How skilled are you at sincere specific appreciation?
v How high is your Appreciative Quotient®, or AQ?
v If I interviewed your teams, how high would they rate you on positive listening and giving appreciation?  

This is an essential part of fathering, at work and at home, yet often overlooked. 
To get and keep great talent, you and all leaders in your organization need to be 
highly skilled at this. So remember to appreciate what is going well, regularly!

“A leader who appreciates the best will create more of it.”
Dr. Linne's Positive Power Quote

I appreciate all of your positive leadership!
Peace and Prosperity,
Dr. Linne

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