Monday, May 15, 2017

Welcome to the  short powerful What You Say Is What You Get® Positive Leadership Power Newsletterfrom Dr. Linne Bourget, May 2017
Honoring Mothers and Vets, The Blended Positive Leadership Model  

For Mothers  

First, this Mother’s Day, Appreciation and Gratitude to you ladies for mothering your children, other family members, co-workers, your churches and communities and all other mothering often unrecognized...this is very important...the feminine hand is a crucial balancing and nurturing force in our world.

For Our Vets

And to our amazing Vets,  for Memorial Day, we are so grateful for your service and sacrifices...without you we would not have our freedoms or our nation!! My father, a U.S. Army Colonel, was gone for long stretches and suffered from PTS when he returned, which harmed the family, as there was no counseling...they just called it “shell shock” or “battle fatigue”, but I honor his service to our country greatly.

Blended Positive Leadership

As you know from previous newsletters, I am working on the dance of lead and follow in preparation for my showcase dance.  It is a very special blended leadership model as he leads and I follow but we are also team members collaborating in choreography.  He asks what I want, then adds to that from his expertise as a professional. He wants me to have what I want and to show me off well, and I want to show him off well too.

As this unfolds, I am not a traditional follower and he is not a traditional leader, so we are blending the two roles, leader/follower and team members.

So far we have had no confusion or conflict in combining these roles despite technical difficulties with video, music, etc.  How is this possible? We have a good foundation.

What is Our Foundation for This Blended Model? How Can We Do This?

Here are my initial thoughts...this is an ongoing learning process.

1. We have danced together for years, so know each other’s strengths.
2. From our first dance we have always danced well together...good connection.
3. We bring positive energy and commitment to our dances, via our positive values (hire people with positive values).
4. We both give positive feedback (the core of my leadership work).
5. We hear the music (external environment) similarly.
6. He leads extremely well and clearly, making challenging moves easier.
7. I follow well, having extensive training as a follower, yet being trained in “active following” as a dancer and positive collaborative teamwork, I add both to following.
8. We both have many years of experience as dancers, he as a professional, I as an amateur. (Hire people with experience.)
9. We are both creative in interpreting music choreographically (business strategy responding to the external environment).
10.We both know many dances, so have a lot of moves to choose from (experience in many business situations).
11.He sees my ability to do more than I am aware of!!(Very rare, usually I do this for clients! Feels great!)

Results to date:  Choreography and styling (marketing, PR) are coming along well, with little backtracking and re-doing. The moves are advanced moves, with just the right amount of challenge for me. We have Latin, Jazz, West Coast Swing and Hustle included in a dance lasting one minute and 45 seconds (multiple complex demanding time-pressured business requirements).

“A leader who appreciates the best will create more of it.” 
Dr. Linne’s Power Quote

Stay tuned! In future editions I will be drawing more parallels to business leadership and how to apply this blended leadership model.  Millenials expect leadership like this, so good to learn about it!
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