Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Missing Piece, The Secret Key To Our New Years Goals and Resolutions

For the first weeks of a new year it seems like every email, workshop and teleclass is focusing on setting your goals. Everyone has a list of the five or seven or ten things you must do in order to achieve your goals.

I have a high regard for goals, and they have a central place in my life. But why do our goals fade away from us so soon after we set them? Why do they dissapear under the mountain of everyday tasks and pressures?

The one thing, central to all of my work that I do not hear from all those goals experts is the most important foundation for setting, working toward, and achieving goals. That is giving yourself profound respect and appreciation for what you have achieved in the previous year.

No this is not a quick pat on the back. This is sitting down in a meeting with yourself and writting down your achievements for the last year, all of them. Large and small. Then go down the list and appreaciate yourself out loud using your name for achieving all of those. Then make a list of the strengths you used in achieving those goals.

Now you have a foundation for setting new goals. Without giving yourself respect and appreciation, a set of goals just becomes another "should" rather than a source of joy and inspiration. You deserve better.

One of my students read his strengths list every morning and every evening for one week. The next week he came back so excitied he could hardly sit still in his chair, bursting at the seams to tell the entire class. He had gotten twice as much done that week as usual and made much more money. Plus he was having a blast.

Create your appreciation foundation. It gives you a solid platform, the sense of your own strengths from which you can step up happily to more success from your new goals.

I wish you a peaceful profitable new year!

Dr. Linne Bourget

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