Wednesday, July 05, 2006

July 4th - Beyond Independence

Dear Friends,

I spent the Fourth of July weekend dancing with friends at a huge dance convention. On Saturday night when the Air Force color guard members presented the flag and two ladies sang the national anthem, I was again reminded that what we have is far more than independence. We have freedom.

One of the MCs, usually a real cut up became uncharacteristically serious and aske for a moment of silence to support our present and past troops who ensure that we have the freedom to dance or picnick or golf as we choose.

I also gave thanks for our interdependence based on our freedom of assembly which helps us realize daily that we depend on each other for the good things in our lives. The global marketplace is carrying us on swift wings from independence to interdependence. No one and no one country is isolated any more.

More challanges? You bet! At the same time, we have more opportunities for growth, for excellence, for becoming better.

"Freedom is not a liscence to be our worst, but a call to be our best."
Dr. Linne's Positive Power Quote

What are the good things you have in your life that come from freedom and interdependence? Make a list of these and be appreciative for having them.

Make it a peacful and prosperous month.

Dr. Linne Bourget

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