Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What You Say Is What You Get® From Dr. Linne for Positive Leaders In Negative Times

From Dr. Linne for Positive Leaders In Negative Times--What Can Leaders Do?

As an Economist, I watch interest rates which have gone negative in some countries, the labor participation rate, the REAL unemployment rate which is over 9% at least, business investment declining, a dismal GDP revised downward even more, corporations holding $2.5T overseas, and declining corporate profits.

And how sad an indicator is it that the markets are depending on the Fed instead of on the real economy growing?

Experts are claiming a small business recession and indeed this is the first recession since the 1970s when they starting keeping records that the number of small business has DECLINED during the so-called recovery instead of growing in number and leading the recovery as in all other recessions since then. Not a good sign, since small businesses provide two of every three jobs.

As an Applied Behavioral Scientist, I hear the anger and despair here in the U.S. due to poor leadership which has weakened the national spirit as well as the economy.  Fortunately in the American tradition many are speaking out about this.

Nonetheless, as a Positive Leadership pioneer, I encourage clients to keep focusing on the positive,
on their vision, strengths, accomplishments, new positive plans.  

Why would I do this in such a negative environment. This is a Herculean request!

Because only the positive can heal the negative and turn around negative situations.
More negatives cannot heal the negative, whether economic or psycho-spiritual.
Only the positive can protect us, can set the foundation for getting stronger, for
growing our economy, our companies and small businesses.  

Only systematic positive leadership can keep this ship upright in stormy weather.
Consistently driving toward your goals on a positive platform despite a negative environment
is no longer a luxury.  It is now a fundamental requirement for success.

The research I needed to support my pioneering Ph.D. dissertation on appreciation and change came out over 25 years later!! Finally!  It showed that the % of positive versus negative statements in companies correlated exactly with profits.  The more positive statements, the higher the 
profits.  The more negative statements, the lower the profits. 

Yet many leaders talk a positive game but lack the FAST, Frameworks, Attitudes, Systems,
and Tools, needed for success, rapid change and nimble response to the business.  Many 
don't know what they don't know.

How high is your Positive Quotient®?
How high is your Appreciative Quotient®?
If I interviewed your teams, how high a rating would they give you on both of these dimension?
How systematically positive is leadership in your company?
Do leaders have the FAST they need to succeed, or are they struggling with old negative
"what's wrong with you" antiquated leadership models which always fail in this fast,
demanding, shifting environment?
Let us know if you need assistance with Positive Leadership Systems...this can give you a 
huge strategic advantage in the speed of change!

I appreciate all you Positive Leaders who understand and implement systematic positive 
approaches throughout your company!

Peace and Prosperity,
Dr. Linne
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