Thursday, May 29, 2008

At Last, The Positive Strenths-Based Leader Gains Acceptance

Hi, Everyone,
After decades of waiting, I am hearing a few other voices that see the "what's wrong" problem-solving method as a dead end in workplace projects involving people. Even though every MBA program teaches it, I have said for over 25 years, no one wants to be the "what's wrong"!
Do you?

The positive strengths-based approach to leadership and change works so much better and faster.
When people know you look for their best not their worst, they want to engage and are open to change, because, if you are sincere, you have credibility as a leader. One client executive created two successful re-organizations when starting from disasters using my positive systems. He received 2 promotions and became a CEO.

Look around in your business: How many positive vs. negative statements do you hear per day?

I waited over a quarter of a century for researchers to support me and here it is at last: In 2006,
Univ. of Michigan researchers found that the more positive statements in a company, the more profitable the company!

No surprise! Clients find that tough situations turn around quickly and without conflict when positive approaches prevail.

Only positive systems speed you to profit while strengthening all involved.
So check out your company! What will you find?
Dr. Linne
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