Saturday, May 13, 2006

Questions, Questions and More Questions - But How Well Do Yours Work?

In your meetings, what kinds of questions does everyone ask? Are the questions focused on problems, on what's wrong and needs to be fixed? What does this do to morale? The traditional management problem-solving method, taught in every business school and used in every company for decades, starts with analyzing what's wrong. Picking solutions and implementing them comes next.

The problem with this approach to change is that no one wants to be the what's wrong. This sets up blame, conflict, avoiding problems and blocking needed change. Just imagine what this costs your company in lost revenue, higher costs and needless suffering! Yet this painful costly tradition runs rampant through our companies every day!

But take heart. There is an alternative. In the 1980s I developed a planning approach to change which focuses on what is right, on the best strengths of each team or company. Imagine asking questions to focus on what is right! That is the basis of the planning system. The most powerful question of all of those positive questions is this:

What would it look like if it were completely successful? This question enters in at the earliest point in the discussion, not at the end!

Every team who worked with this system and answered this question got excited about planning and problem-solving instead of avoiding them. They saw that they had a positive basis and vision, and it guided them safely through the choppy waters of planning and implementing change. Problems were less threatening, so there was a lot less duck and cover behavior.

Try using this question once in every meeting this week and see what happens. Email me at and let me know what changes when you ask this powerful question. And enjoy the results!

This section is adapted from my fast, easy-to-read positive change leadership book, What You Say Is What You Get(R): The Secret Language of Great Business Results, available at on the top of the home page.

Enjoy this positive powerful tool to make your business life easier your results better!
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