Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Leadership--The Power Shift in Business and Government!


The last few months have been a great study in leadership power, illustrating the ongoing Power Shift From Old Power to New Power facing every leader I explain in my book Author of From Old Power to New Power – Which Leaders Will $urvive?

In business, a recent study on CNN/Money stated that 84% of employees are looking for a new job and will leave when they can find one, up from 60% last year!! Staggering numbers, imagine the losses for leaders/organization when jobs return. Right now many are forced to do the work of 2 for the price of 1 (Old Power, fear they will lose their job if they don't do this),
and are not well led/managed and cannot grow in their careers.

This is a volcano waiting to explode. Only New Power positive collaborative leadership systems are sustainable in keeping the best talent and creating a climate for great innovative profitable ideas. This saves much time and money and creates better results, e. g. increasing revenue 35-40% in a few months in a technology firm, creating a great success in a merger frought with disaster potential -the much loved leader who did not get the CEO job had a heart attack when he was notified! This only took a few months.

The influence of the Tea Party in the November elections clearly shows a demand for greater participation and representation, more New Power leadership processes, based on the expectation of collaboration, the right to make input and be heard. The Obama administration was perceived as Old Power, interesting since his campaign rhetoric was New Power which got him elected. But the Old Power (authoritarian) approach he used in the Health Care Bill really
caused a large backlash, as Old Power usually does, and we see it now challenged in the courts.

Lesson: It is not just platform but leadership process which influences those governed, or in business, employees. Great New Power leadership requires both platform and process, not just platform. Both are crucial. Only the positive is a foundation for sustainable leadership. Negative Old Power leadership always crashes and burns. Don't let this happen to you or to your company! Let us lower your risk and increase your chances of success!

Wishing you the best of success in leading!
Dr Linne Bourget, MA MBA Ph.D.

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