Thursday, January 28, 2016

For Positive Leaders: What You Say Is What You Get®--In a Crazier World, Get Saner! Do the Math!

Welcome, Leaders,

The external environments for your companies seems riskier and crazier every day.
More negative factors, dangers and risks seem to steal your time and your profits.
Political events, violence, weak unprotective leadership, out of control illegal unethical behavior, weak economies, and business-unfriendly policies are have reached the point of insanity.

These conditions frighten you and your employees, understandably so. Only those in
a fog of denial are not smart enough to be scared...they are choosing numbness. 

Yet you still have the responsibility to lead your company and inspire greater results.
How do you circle the wagons, how do you give your employees a greater sense of protection and possibility for greater innovation and results amid the craziness?

Starting as an Economist before becoming a Behavioral Scientist and Change Leadership expert, I fell in love with Math, head over heels, at the University of Chicago.  There was no going back...from then on, I always think mathematically. 

Thus:  Since the external environment is putting more negative factors into your company,
you need to balance this with more positive factors just to stay even, and then more positive factors to gain a net positive balance psychologically.

This is of course challenging but essential to master, a skill all leaders need to survive.  This
does not mean whitewashing issues of course, but it does mean mastering seeking, creating, standing for, and commenting on positive factors in your company, with great skill, from the heart.  Your job as leader is to make sure you and all the other leaders in your company have the skills and consistency to do this. This will be different in different firms, of course, one size does not fit all.

It is easy to get caught up in giving more attention to negative factors, but ignoring the need for positive factors to balance your firm's culture and psyche will work against you.

"When you forget the positive, you have lost control".  Dr Linne's Power Quote

To be a truly powerful leader, you need to master the positive deeply and systematically. Only this creates a real-time collaborative culture unleashing the best talent and managing risks as quickly and effectively as possible. Employees don't speak up if they are afraid of their bosses.  They speak up if their bosses see, appreciate and fully apply everyone's best.

Peace and prosperity to you all.
Dr. Linne
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