Saturday, June 13, 2009

What is the most powerful foundation-the deepest key-for re-building and growing your business in a tough economy?

Hi Everyone,

Recently I have been having a HAT Conference, a meeting of all my roles, all the hats I wear.

Putting on my economist/MBA hat, I see the banks not lending, prolonging the credit crisis and the housing debacle, because:
1. Their capital requirement are higher, six to one for foreclosures.
2. Their toxic mortgage assets are valued higher than reality dictates since the mark to market rules were relaxed, allowing them to value assets at higher than market levels even though the mortgage assets are still declining in value.

Note that the markets rose only after the rule was changed, but the underlying assets

are worth even less now!

This raised the question for me, putting on my hat as a leadership power futurist:

What will it take to rebuild companies to get out of this recession faster? So many have lost so much. What do leaders need to do to create businesses on a stronger foundation? Given that the underlying cause of the economic crash is the use and abuse of Old Power (see previous posts) and that Old Power industries, such as autos and financial services caused the greatest losses and took the greatest hits, I claim in my new book

From Old Power to New Power--Which Leaders Will Survive? that only leaders who make the Power Shift to New Power (positive collaborative leadership based on integrated systems for strengths-based strategy and tactics) will survive, and that Old Power leaders will destroy their careers and companies, as we have seen.

Old Power--fear based, authoritarian, out only for onesself, excessive greed, unethical illegal activities--is over. The risk is simply too high. We are too interdependent for it to work anymore. Only knowing the greatest strengths in your company gives you the right foundation for survival and success. Anything less
is too slow and underperforms too greatly, especially with the downward pricing pressure in the global econony.


Two senior executive clients, hesitant to talk about their strengths, had difficulty clarifying their roles and responsibilities, frustrating both despite their respect for each other. They were both doing parts of their job they did not like, which the other was itching to do. When I got them to have this discussion, using my Engine and 4 wheels positive leadership language system, their effectiveness and relationship improved instantly.

Every time clients have applied strengths-based leadership systems, their effectiveness has improved dramatically, and faster than any of us would have imagined.

So in this tough economy, speed of results is the key to survival. What is the fastest way to rebuild, reboot and reclaim your business as more powerful?

Regardless of the ups and downs of the economy, your business leaders and employees have a powerful key to get back on track and thrive—your deepest greatness. External circumstances cannot take your greatness from you. Beyond that mundane list of strengths for job interviews, everyone has far more to contribute than most businesses realize, have accessed, or have applied.

But nowhere in our culture do we learn our Greatness Power and thus nearly everyone under-performs and under-contributes, and every company under-earns! We can do better!

How well does your company tap into and apply the deepest greatness of all involved?
What is it costing you not to do so? How can every part of your business do better with deeper use of strengths?

Any less than this will leave your company less successful than it can be!

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