Monday, March 12, 2007

The Real Power of the Positive is Power

HI, Everyone,

A conversation with a client working on developing more power sparked this message.

Let's face it. What is really underneath the power of a positive leadership language system?
Simple. It's power. Positive power. And it is huge, perhaps the greatest force in the
Universe. We talk about influence. We talk about manifesting positive outcomes.

Now everyone is talking about The Secret, which captures the power of positive thinking and feeling. It's all about power. We all have a huge amount of it available, whether we feel like that or not at any moment in time.

Power is like money or energy. It's not negative, it's just what we do with it that makes it positive or negative. Time to re-own this word, this concept, and use it fully rather than backing away from the idea of power and seeing it with skepticism.

Power is a gift and a responsibility. It is a cousin to free will and the responsibility for
choices. It is also a huge gift which each of us can use for good.

Did you know that every word you say literally has an energy signature? How positive is the energy you are sending out with your words?

How high is your Positive Quotient(PQ)R?
How high is your Appreciative Quotient(AQ)R?

Spring is a time of new life and new beginnings. Make a commitment to yourself
to use more positive words at work and at home. Then watch the positive results.
And enjoy!

See below for resources with a strong track record, tried and true for you.

Wishing you all the best words and lives
Dr. Linne Bourget
"Building Success on Your Best"
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