Sunday, January 06, 2013

No Change-Why Would You Expect It? Leadership Lessons Post-Election

No Change-Why Would You Expect It: Leadership Lessons Post-Election

I cannot imagine why anyone thought Obama would move more centrist after
the election?  Why should he?  From his authoritarian power perspective, he
got what he wanted.  Why should he compromise just to strengthen our economy? 
Is that even his goal?  From his behavior, clearly not.  In my behavioral science/leadership world,
we say that if there is a gap between word and deed, the deed is the truest measure. Remember what I said before:  Leadership behavior reveals TRUE goals, not necessarily stated goals.

Unbelievable that the markets shot up on news of a minor deal with the major issues not addressed yet.
Short-term traders, clearly.  The long term risks have not been abated and are growing.  My colleagues who trade options are not touching this!

Remember the debt ceiling deal he had with Boehner for 800B$ of new revenue which we walked away from after it was agreed to, coming back with a demand for $1.2 Trillion in new revenue, a FIFTY percent increase?  Not the behavioral pattern of a centrist.  Brinkmanship with our nation's strength?  No problem for
anyone who wants power more than our good.

Tragically the Republicans were not strong enough to combat the very nasty campaign
which was predictable from previous behavioral patterns. So we are headed towards the European model,
which as we see has failed in Europe.  Their socialist path has created so much scarcity that they are
in a constant power struggle, who will have control over the banks, who will make the decisions, how will the profligate children be brought into line. 

Germany with the most hardworking capitalist model is being punished the most severely, expected to rescue the profligates.  Again my favorite Economist joke:  "The problem with socialism is that you run out of other people's money."  The illusion in the U.S. that Europe is more stable is just that.  Nothing has changed...the serious problems are just delayed further, as here in the U.S.  And I repeat:  Any social system which punishes the best and incentivizes laziness will fail of its own economic weight.  Only a vibrantly growing private sector can help the U.S. and Europe now.  Where is the support for that?  I don't see it.  Big mistake in policy.  Huge. 

A colleague recently said to me, "I am tired of hanging back.  Time for me to "man up" materially and spiritually."  National leaders could benefit from his advice.

Despite all, wishing you peace and prosperity for the New Year.
Don't let DC stop you from reaching your goals.
I am even more determined to reach mine!
Pedal to the metal--I have only owned 5 on the floor cars!
Dr. Linne Bourget

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