Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Irrational Exuberance in the Markets-Leadership Myths

Hello, Everyone

I am amazed at the market rally...what is it based on?
Europe is still in major trouble...nothing has really been solved there...the power struggles birthed of the inevitable socialistic scarcity continue. Their unemployment rate of 11.6% is the highest ever.
Our GDP number was just lowered to nearly nothing here in the U.S.
The banks are still scandal ridden, LIBOR, etc., and are laying off employees and shrinking/deferring bonuses.
Loans are still very difficult to achieve.
The housing situation is slightly better but the loss of value is still huge for many homeowners.
Small business formation and small bus. job formation are the lowest in 30 years, and we 
know that small business growth is the key to jobs and turning the U.S. economy around, as the large corporations are punished for re-patriating cash and sales here would not justify expansion for them anyway as a rule. 
 The administration in DC is not friendly to small businesses and consistently makes it harder for them to grow, via taxes, regulations, health care costs, and now a higher minimum wage....and that is the only possibility for major growth. 

The global debt situation is choking a recovery with no signs of how that will mitigate.

So why are the markets up so much?  Tired of being bears?  Short term focus by traders?  Creating a rally to be able to sell? Just weary of bad news and grasping at straws?  Who knows?  I certainly do not.
It just seems like irrational exuberance all over again....the underlying economic factors just do not support this optimism, as much as we would like to see better numbers.
So tell me please, what is Wall Street thinking?  Or smoking?  This rally is just not sustainable...fasten your seat will be bumpy still.

Wishing I had better news,
Dr. Linne Bourget
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