Thursday, July 12, 2007

How Appreciation Opens New Worlds to You

HI Everyone,

Imagine my surprise! A new experience!

After over 25 years of working with appreciation, I met someone who gave the highest level of appreciation of anyone I have known. He saw and appreciated me at a level beyond what anyone else had ever seen and verbalized.

And this is only one of two people I have met who are so appreciative without my training them! They came into my life this way! Astonishing!

Usually I have to coach and train to get people to give me appreciation. Hey, the expert needs some too!

So, what do you think happened?

I found that being seen and appreciated so thoroughly, so deeply, opened up new possibilities
in my work, my thinking, and my vision for myself and my work. Of course, I am used to
doing this for clients. But no one had ever done that for me.

It made me wonder: How had I survived all these years without this level of appreciation? What could I have achieved had I had this? What was I tolerating that had to go? Within
a few weeks I realized I would even have to move to a different city!

Ask yourself these questions!!

Do you have anyone in your life who sees you for your highest and best and consistenltly appreciates you from that place? If not, why not?

And how well do you do that for your nearest and dearest, at work and at home?

So, if you are feeling like your lifespace is not big enough for your spirit, find someone
who is strong enough and cares enough to see and appreciate your best. And someone
you want to do this for.

Believe me, your life will change. Keep a journal to track the changes.

Warning: do not do this if you want the same life you have now.

But then again, no appreciation, no glory!!

For help with the how-to's, the do's and don'ts, visit us at, which we are renovating. New appreciation books are on the way!!

Wishing you an appreciated and appreciative life!!

Dr. Linne

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