Thursday, July 02, 2009

How well do you see and apply the strengths in your business?

HI Everyone,

This is an issue people have brought up to me this month. How well do you do this?
To build on your strengths, you need to know in depth what they are!!! And how to apply them!

What is the practical application of greatness-for re-building

and growing your business in a tough economy?

Every company needs different strengths to thrive, grow and re-build, especially in a tough economy. How good are you at seeing your own strengths and those of your key people, suppliers and customers? What is it costing you not to do so? How can every part of your business do better with a strategic and practical application of those strengths? Any less than this will leave your company less successful than it can be! I find that few people know their strengths. Do you?

When I started this work, I was amazed to find that senior executive teams did not know their strengths or each other’s strengths and did not have a language of strengths to discuss it, and were shy or embarrassed to venture into this discussion. One team, after years of fear and constricted communication, turned around in one day using just 2 wheelsof the Engine and 4 Wheels Leadership Language of Strengths System in my book (see below) What You Say Is What You Get®:

The Secret Language of Great Business Results. Then they were eager to talk, change, grow, and plan. It was so exciting! This took very caring precise consulting, but it worked great!

How well do we know the top strengths of all our key players and how well are we using them to grow our business? I f I interviewed your employees confidentially, how good would they say you are and they are at doing this. I found that many clients did not know their strengths and did not know how to see them, much less apply them to every aspect of their business.

“There is something that is much more scarce, something rarer than ability.

It is the ability to recognize ability.” Robert Half, Half International

July Holiday—Happy Independence/Interdependence Day

We are all interdependent with others in our businesses. As we celebrate our country’s

great heritage, even in our current problems, remember to see, really see, that independence is no longer enough. Many different skills are needed for success—yours

and others who support your business and family. Happy Interdependence Day!

Focus on strengths you need in your business and the specific strengths of all your key people, inside & outside your business! At we have powerful easy tools for you. A % goes to charity.

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