Friday, December 16, 2005

What Is Your End of Year Greatness Review?

Dear Friends,

This time of the year everyone starts setting goals for the New Year, which is always a worthy endeavor. Yet a crucial step in that process is usally ignored or omitted. How can we have any energy for our new goals if we have not given ourselves any credit for what we have achieved this year?

I challenge you to take responsibility for your own greatness and to make a list of what you have accomplished this year. What are you most proud of? This could be:

Professional Achievments
Helping Others
Charitable Work
Spiritual Progress
Or any aspect of your life important to you.

Here's the important thing: Appreciate yourself and give yourself full credit for what you have achieved this year, before rushing headlong into the new year. Standing on this appreciation platform will give you far greater strength to tackle what is before you in the new year. Enjoy!

Best wishes and blessings for the happiest of holidays!

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