Monday, June 04, 2007

What You Don't Say Is What You Don't Get

Hi Everyone,

Recently I was startled and upset to be on the receiving end of silence when I needed to be informed. We all know that silence can wreak havoc. No news is not good news!

This was silence of two types, and each type had a profound effect.

One type was about schedules and upcoming meetings. Without that I could not plan my schedule or my assistants' schedules most effectively. When the meeting time was moved back weeks at the last minute, it was tough. You know about that. We have all been there. I needed more notice.

But wait, there's more. (Ok, I know, but I couldn't resist.)

The second type of silence was the lack of opportunity to be included in the process,
to give support, to understand, to be a part of what was happening, to make it easier
for both of us, perhaps to create a backup plan.

Had I known the issues and concerns underneath the last minute delay,
I would not have been upset. Furthermore, when I heard the reason for the silence,
I was amazed. Never would have guessed it! When I knew, I could clear it up
immediately and clearly.

Lessons to the wise:

1. Plan communications so you avoid costly upsetting silences. An ounce of prevention....
2. Find out the reason underneath the silence.
3. Talk it over in a positive way, making sure you ask for the positives you need.
4. Don't complain about what you did not get. State what happened and describe the impact on you and your business.
5. Appreciate the other person's views and good will efforts to do the right things.
6. Use this opportunity to learn how to better support the other person, ask what you can do better as well ask asking for what you need. Make it a 2-way street for improving communications.
7. Appreciate the other person for being willing to communicate about the issue.

Bottom Line
It's the information age. Remember information about the process is important to be shared as well as the business information. A more open process gives you better results.
What You Say Is What You Get(R)!

Wishing you a more enjoyable communication process and great results!

Dr. Linne
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