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From Dr. Linne Bourget for Positive Leaders--December 2016/January 2017
Before You Even Think of Setting Goals, Read This!!
Santa's 2016 Leadership Checklist--What Would He Say About You?

I was thinking about doing the usual inspirational poem for the holidays, then Santa popped in with a great idea!

Welcome to Santa's quick year in review mini-workshop for leaders, and yes, it's more than being nice!  This is Nice 2.0, or even better, Nice exponentialized!

Take time to answer these key questions...what would Santa put in your stocking? My senior executive clients review everything at year's end to make sure they are poised for greater success.

1.  How appreciative are you of those who work with you? How high is your Appreciative Quotient(R) AQ?
2.  How well do you manage and leverage your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual power in your business?
3.  How much are you stretching to learn new things and grow as a leader?
4.  How precisely do you focus on your leadership technique?
5.  How powerfully do you persist in your business?
6.  How attuned are you to the inner world or spiritual level of your business, yourself and those working with you?
7. How strongly do you use positive leadership to protect your business from the negative factors in the world? How high is your Positive Quotient(R) PQ?
8. How effectively do you delegate?  Are you burning out?  Seeing health problems?
9. How deeply do you know your own strengths?  How many can you list? Hint: You need at least 50 to succeed! (If this is hard, we can help you! I am the national pioneer in appreciative strengths-based leadership systems.)

How would you answer these questions?
What are you doing well?  Where do you need to focus for stronger leverage?

As the year winds down, your answers to these can help you plan for 2017, so please keep these in mind before planning!

I appreciate all your work and businesses and your positive leadership commitments!
"The greatest challenge is taking complete responsibility for your own greatness." Dr. Linne's
Power Quotes

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Peace and prosperity,
Dr. Linne 

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