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What You Say Is What You Get(R)--For Positive Leaders: How Do You "Tax" Your Business?

 From Dr. Linne for Positive Leaders-How Do You "Tax" Your Business Without Knowing? 3 Hidden Sources of Profit--April 2015

Welcome to Dr. Linne Bourget's What You Say Is What You Get(R) Positive Leadership Monthly Newsletter!

This time of year, we complain about taxes, and in this environment with good reason!!
We may not be able to control taxes but we can control our own "taxing" behavior.

As I have observed over 1000 leaders and their businesses for over 30 years, I have had many chances to
observe leaders adding to or subtracting from their bottom lines.

What are the three things leaders do that stand out to strengthen or tax/weaken their profits?
The answers may surprise you!

Tax #1. Lack of systematic positive leadership culture.  First and most costly, leaders who do not have a consisten, systematic, positive leadership culture are leaving lots of lovely money lying on the road. Upsets, misunderstandings, mistakes, disengagement and delays plague them until we get it turned around.  Caught in the usual problem focus, they do not even realize the costs they have been paying until they see the results of positive changes, e. g. increased revenue 35-40% in a few months due to fuller awareness and use of strengths combined with quality management.

To avoid paying this tax and create more profits:  Install a consistent positive leadership culture in all aspects of leadership in your company,
to save time and money and increase profits.

Tax #2. Ignoring issues, not dealing with them, not paying attention.  Result:  A $1000 problem becomes a $1,000,000 problem, they get bad press, lose their best talent, have higher costs, and lose revenue as employees do not raise issues early when they see leaders ignoring them.  One CEO even lost his business by doing this...talk about risky "taxing" behavior!!

To avoid paying this tax and create more profits:  Face up to issues, encourage your employees to raise them by creating a culture where this is rewarded not punished, and most of all, model the behavior!! The tougher the issue, the sooner you face it!

Tax #3. Not keeping up, staying stuck in old leadership power models.  Many executives do not realize that the employee landscape has changed dramatically...the old authoritarian models of leadership just don't fly with Gen X and Y.  Employees expect aware positive collaborative leaders who understand and are skilled at the use of positive collaborative shared power and the exponential and profitable benefits it brings when used well.

Yet I still hear many complaints about negative bosses.  Yes, the new models of power do require learning, but they are all learnable skills...I always tailor my consulting to the clients' individual styles so that learning is faster and easier for them and applied immediately to their tasks and projects, for learning positive systems for planning, delegation, startups, endings, teams/meetings, change, M&A and more....

To avoid paying these taxes and create more profits:  Stay updated on new positive collaborative leadership power systems.  See this as a systems issue, not leaving it to the personality of each leader in your firm, a common taxing error, but creating a systems-based positive leadership culture and behaviors for every leader so you have consistency and thus credibility with employees, customers, alliance partners, etc.

Many studies are now showing the power of the positive approach for your bottom line.  One example:  The % of positive statements in planning meetings at 60 companies correlated 100% with their profitability...the more positive statements, the higher the profitability!!  (Univ. of Michigan, 2006)

"When you forget the positive, you have lost control."  Dr. Linne's Power Quote

Enjoy your tax freedom and success!
I appreciate all the good work you are doing!!

Peace and prosperity,
Dr Linne

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