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Recessions may crunch us temporarily but the seasons come reliably. We can count on them and learn from them. Fall is a time of harvest. Dig a little for more abundance!

Peace and Prosperity to you,

Dr. Linne

Fall Harvest and Life-Transforming Holiday Gifts—5 Leadership, Consulting, &

Coaching Tips for Unearthing Hidden Resources for Revenue in Your Business

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Fall is harvest time, reaping the abundance of spring and summer work. How can we increase our harvest during the recession?

"To sit back and let fate play its hand out and never influence it is not the way man was meant to operate." John Glenn, astronaut

1. Want more revenue?

2. In a cash flow crunch?

3. Want to reduce your costs but are not sure how?

4. Have a sense more is available but not sure how to get to it?

When you are really busy, you are in a hurry. When business is slow, you have more time, but anxiety, according to research, gets in the way of thinking clearly. These 5 tips can jog your mind, increase revenue and reduce costs. When you are really busy, you don’t have time for these, but when business drops off, these are essential!

1. Follow up on those leads you let slip by you when you were busy or anxious. In your networking you find more than you can follow up on when you are busy, but in downtime periods, find every business card and email address and follow up with marketing. You might be surprised. The good you are seeking is seeking you.

2. Expand your vision, focus on what you want, not on what you don’t have. Find new networks and groups to market your business. Example: As a Fortune 10, 50, 100 consultant, small business owners were not my market. But they need what I have. So until those big companies start hiring consultants again, small business values my work. And they decide and move faster!

3. Update your website with more compelling copy and expand your email list.

4. Inventory your office supplies and equipment, so you know what you have and won’t buy what you don’t need. Sell any equipment or supplies you no longer need. Downsize office space if that is needed for you.

5. Save money, go green! Re-use all paper & envelopes for notes or internal office copies. I haven’t bought scrap paper for decades. Refill ink cartridges. Open the window instead of using the AC. Buy used/recycled products and supplies. They save money and have fewer toxic emissions (VOCs) than new products.

Concerned about the future of your company?

Remember, as a business intuitive, I can see the future of your company and help you align with it for maximum success. Most leaders are hungry to see their future, which is usually bigger than they have conceived. How about you? How big a vision are you willing to hold?

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