Friday, September 05, 2008

Old Power, New Power-Which Presidential Candiate is Best?

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Being a leadership power expert can be most interesting!
Watching the Presidential candidates, I have looked carefully at both of them and how adept they
are at Old Power and New Power. Within the US, we expect collaborative process from our leaders.
President Bush did not do this and paid for it heavily.

Yet in dealing with dangerous Old Power nations with brutal dictators, our President must
be adept in using Old Power, as Old Power brutal dictators from nations or regions
with thousands of years of Old Power brutal dictators in their psychological DNA have no
concept of New Power and respect only Old Power. They laugh at sanctions and fines, and
have no clue about real collaborative New Power.

The US President must be skilled at both Old and New Power in order to protect our national
security and grow our economy, the top imperatives now.

On the Power Evolution Curve, which reflects the Power Shift from Old Power to New Power, Old Power nations are behind New Power nations on the timeline, which causes huge political problems and security risks.

Only if Old Power countries are extremely poor like N. Korea will they come around to a safer nuclear or energy stance. Wealthy dictatorships like China, Russa, Iran, etc., have no reason to collaborate. Thus the US President has to be tough enough to use Old Power as a last resort, of course, to protect our national security yet New Power collaborative enough to work together across the aisle to get things done.

If you apply this analysis, to both candidates, this is what you see:

Sen. John McCain: Clearly can use Old Power and also has worked across the aisle in collaboration, understands New Power yet can protect us. He understands the psychology of Old Power countries and how it differs from our own in the U.S., and how Old Power countries can put us at risk economically and politically because of how they operate.

Sen. Barack Obama: Understands New Power but lacks the strength of ability/willingness to use
Old Power to protect us when needed. Not tough enough and does not understand how the psychology
of Old Power countries can harm us in terms of national security and economy.

Another way to see the election!
Think about it--we are at a crossroads.
In hope and appreciation,
Dr. Linne
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