Monday, November 18, 2013

Ignoring Leadership 101: The Seven Deadly Sins 
of Unaffordable Obamacare 
Insights from an Economist & Change Leadership Expert

Hello everyone! 

Watching the political madness of the last few months, I have tried to be as positive as possible, but Obamacare
is the last straw! Obama's unilateral power approach in passing it guaranteed the political fractures we are seeing now with the shutdown and all...textbook grad. school case of authoritarian power and its results!

All of these 7 Deadly Sins are attributable to his unilateral use of power and ignoring reality--the buck always stops at the top!

Check out these 7 Deadly Sins of the Unaffordable Health Care Program

Deadly Sin #1:  Ignoring Economics 101-Promising you can add 30 million, who cannot pay, into the system and lower health care costs?  Which type of smoking was his favorite that day (he has done both)?  Cost overruns will be enormous!
Deadly Sin #2:  Ignoring Leadership Integrity 101:  Promising people they could keep their plans then having millions be cancelled, because current plans do not fit the one size fits all mentality, which is hugely and unnecessarily expensive...women don't need prostate care! And forcing abortion fees on everyone? Seriously?
Deadly Sin #3:  Ignoring Market Competition 101: Designing the system without more competition--guaranteed higher costs, lost jobs, fewer able to afford insurance, etc.
Deadly Sin #4:  Ignoring Business 101: Hooking in the insurance companies who thought they would have millions of new clients, but designing the plans to be so much more expensive fewer could afford them even with subsidies..the website numbers reveal this clearly.
Deadly Sin #5:  Ignoring Management 101:  Words are nothing.  Implementation is everything. With over 3 yrs, the website fails, the numbers are abysmal. Private sector companies like ehealth do this much better than government...they had plenty of time, but only tested security the week before opening!!  No excuses! Employer mandate had to be postponed. Sebelius would be fired in the private sector!
Deadly Sin #6:  Ignoring Medicine 101:  No health care plan without evidence-based natural medicine can be cost effective--natural medicine reduces costs! Yet this was completely ignored. Many traditional M.D.s are now open to this, and many patients want it. Should be included as a choice in plans..newsflash, it is still America, consumers have the right to choose! Cafeteria benefit plans have saved employers money for years!
Deadly Sin #7:  Ignoring Psychology 101: Putting the political agenda of government control and forcing this on our country with financial penalties above creating a better health care system, thus creating huge amounts of fear, frustration and even more lack of confidence in government.  Strategic error...the buck stops at the top of the house as always!! The President is in charge of the spirit of our nation, not just our bleeding bank accounts!

Whew! That is all I can deal with for one day! Hang in there...we will see what happens when all those young people he thought he could control do not sign up!  Oratory is one thing...the wallet is another.

The only true revenge for all this madness is your own excellence, so build your life, business, career, family and spiritual strength deeply and positively to counterbalance all these negatives...yes, you can!

Thank you for reading this.  Dr. Linne

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