Monday, May 02, 2011

After Bin Laden, how do we strengthen our economy?

Bin Laden is gone, sigh of relief! Part of the Power Shift I discuss in my latest book...But don't get comfortable! Remember his stated goal:
To bankrupt the U.S.A.!
We are again transferring huge wealth to the Middle East via high gas prices which funds terrorism! Just when we are barely recovering and vulnerable with our debt. No accident!

So I am challenging you: What are you doing to prevent economic harm to the U.S.!
It will take all of us!

What am I doing???
1. Working on funding for a company strengthening our energy independence.
2. Working on funding and consulting for entrepreneurs who can grow their companies and U.S. jobs with new technologies and products.

Why am I doing that instead of my usual corporate consulting?
Corporate earnings are primarily from other countries, emerging markets, meaning few U.S. jobs. It is good they are bringing revenue, but the entrepreneurial sector is really what will save us and grow our economy again. This is my passion!!

So...what are YOU doing to strengthen our economy??!!

It will take all of us, but WE CAN DO THIS!

Thank you!!
Dr Linne

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