Sunday, March 09, 2014

The Crucial Test for Leaders-How High is Your Positive Quotient(R)?

Dear Clients, Colleagues and What You Say Is What You Get(R) Positive Leadership Newsletter Subscribers, 

Spending the recent holiday with positive open communicative tuned-in company reminded me to ask myself.....
how high is my Positive Quotient(R)?  I trademarked this phrase for my questionnaires, articles and seminars because it is so important
to remember to focus on the positive and not be a "Squeaky Wheel" leader driven by crises and problems!

Research clearly shows that positive people generate more business, attract more positive situations and are more likely to get funding!

Welcome! Join me and ask yourself these Positive Quotient(R) questions:

1.  What percentage of your focus is on the positive vs. negative in your business?
2.  How often do you let crises and upsets distract, overtake you and derail your positive relationships, vs. staying on a positive focus?
3.  What % of your associates are positive, supportive, collaborative, and communicate frequently/well, vs. negative, critical, aloof, unavailable?
4.  How well are you attracting and keeping positive collaborative people into your business life?
5.  Do you nurture those positive relationships or just take them for granted or ignore them?
6.  How loyal are you over time to positive colleagues who have added great value to your business and life?
7.  How well do you remember and appreciate support given to you in the past and continue to value those who gave it?
8.  How diligent are you at keeping positive people in your business/life?
9.  How well do you keep your accounts up to date with your best supporters, financially and psychologically/spiritually?

How do you rate on these 9 questions?  The higher your Positive Quotient(R), the better your business will go.
I found that mostly I am doing well and more positive people are entering my sphere.  The very few negative critical people are all in one deal, I do not let them upset me or engage them emotionally.  I am just clarifying facts  to honor my word I would do so...once this deal ends, I will not do business with them again...their choice to go negative has burned their bridge with me. Had I known their character at the start (they presented as very positive), I would not have worked with them....Live and learn!

Although "Squeaky Wheel" leadership --focusing on the negative, can be captivating, it is damaging to your health and bottom line.
If you have negative critical or cold, aloof, unavailable colleagues in your business, is it time to clean house?  Think about it!!
And be sure to nurture your most positive supporters!!
I wish you the most positive successful business life!
I appreciate your contribution to our still-wounded economy!
Dr Linne

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