Saturday, August 27, 2005

Every word you speak has great power - is the the type of power you want?

Dear Friends,
Just back from a nice cool vacation in Seattle and am dragging in the AZ heat. But soon it will be lovely.

Do you know how powerfully your words affect others and your business results? One of the most powerful examples in recent memory demonstrates this:

I recently met a mortgage banker from a large corporation, a very bright, positive, fun person. We met at a business event and as we had interests in common, had a sandwich afterward. During that conversation, he asked me how old I was, already a major no-no. When I said I don't discuss age, he replied dramatically, "I can find out on the computer." This raised not one but two red flags. 1. Would he misuse his professional position to spy on me against my wishes? 2. What was going on psychologically that he would threaten this and be this rude?

As my world is all about collaborative rather than unilateral power, he did two things very quickly.
1. As I was not certain about his ethics, I could not risk my reputation and refer business to him even though I know many people doing real estate transactions and he is very creative in solving customer problems. This cost him money.
2. He totally took himself out of the running for a dating relationship, which he clearly wanted. This was a blessing for me, as I was protected, although of course disappointed, from getting hurt further down the road. Anyone who would make such a threat right off the bat is nowhere near the level of strength I have and need in a husband.

How about you? What effect do your words have? How willing are people to do business with you when they meet you?

If you have stories of how positive words have brought you more business success, please post them below!

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Wishing you words of success and happiness!

Dr. Linne