Monday, February 03, 2014

Three Powerful Positive Leadership Lessons for You from the Superbowl!!

 Hello, Everyone

A dear friend once inspired me to say for the first time ever, "only depth gives you freedom".  He replied:  "Whoa, that is profound!"  He saw that only depth frees you to be, do, and have the best in your life...yet very few business owners and leaders work in depth...most think they are too busy!  Big mistake! 

Looking more deeply than the plays and the scores, what about the Seahawks allowed them to have the freedom of creating a walkaway win over the Broncos and the first Seattle Superbowl championship ever?

Three Powerful Seahawks Leadership Lessons:

1.  A spiritual foundation:  Quarterback Russell Wilson said it first every time he spoke:  Thank God...he is clear he is on a spiritual mission, not just in a game or a business.
2.  Positive mindset--the Seahawks has a passionately powerful mindset and focused on being Champions starting over a year ago...and kept to this vision passionately!  This bonded them together more tightly as a team!
3.  Positive supportive collaborative coaching by Pete Carroll, in a very usual style, more emotional, supportive and player-centered.  This is a sea change from the old authoritarian tough as nails football tradition!!  Carroll's style created space for and encouraged the best from all players!  The old tough authoritarian near-hazing style is much less effective in unleasing strengths and greatness of course...times have changed!

1. How well does your business follow these leadership success lessons?
2. Do you have a strong spiritual foundation in your business?
3. Do you have a passionate commitment to your positive vision, and associate with those who believe in you and support you deeply?  

4. Do you allow into your business the most positive people or shut them out?  
5. Do you allow negative people into your business to drag you down, or stick to the positive professional people?
6. Do you provide great positive collaborative leadership which brings out the best in those on your team?

Remember.."Only depth gives us freedom!"...look at your business and yourself as a leader in more depth if you want better results!

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