Monday, September 04, 2006

Would you believe the power of this particular type of phrase?

Dear Friends,

Would you believe the power of this particular type of phrase to make or break your business results?

In any company, more trust and less fear make for greater profits, productivity and progress.

Most leaders and employees know this. Yet sometimes small habits that are just part of the

woodwork can create roadblocks to your company’s and your success. In an amazing

intuitive journey 20 years ago, I found that eliminating violent language reduced fear,

created much more trust, and more work got done faster! My clients and I had not even

realized the fear and difficulty we were causing by using violent words and images. It was just habit. The insight to look at this was purely intuitive, and it turned out to have very powerful positive results for my clients.

Who knew?

This week I heard several very violent phrases from very positive aware businesspeople. They did not mean to create fear and block results. Since 9/11 more people are becoming aware of taking the violence out of their language, but these business people simply were not aware of the power of these phrases:

“Beat you down”, “Beat me down.”, “Better than a sharp stick in the eye”. I was horrified.

Then I realized that they just did not know. But now you know better! Please remove violent phrases from your language and notice what happens in your conversations at work. Then at home. Then tell people what you are doing and ask them to join you. Track what changes in those relationships.

Please email me and let me know the results. I want to hear!

Wishing you the best of prosperity and peace.


Dr. Linne Bourget

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