Thursday, September 16, 2010

What You Say Is What You Get®--What is Really Going on for Leaders in Our Economy?

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It's been awhile. Sorry. Travels and computer crash.
But of course, still thinking about leadership and the economic recovery, every day.
Many in the media, as they all have jobs, do not have a clue how tough it is on small business owners. And in NYC and DC, where they congregate, economies and real estate values are again on the rise. Not true out here in the SW!

As the recovery grinds along with the only real uplifting factors due to other economies than the U.S., this means the lessons here have not been learned. The real issue, as I discuss in depth in my book From Old Power to New Power – Which Leaders Will Survive?, now out in a 5cd album, is not greed. Shocked? Let's think it through further. Yes, greed wreaked havoc, the gov't, Wall Street firms, home buyers, Freddie and Fannie, mortage brokers, and living beyond their means, all contributed.

But greed is not the cause of this leadership and economic debacle. It is the symptom, not the cause. The real underlying cause is how power is used and abused, authoritarian, "my way or the highway, I will do what I want regardless of the consequences" attitutes. When leaders or institutions or individuals make decisions based on fraud, create derivatives with air under them, buy what they cannot afford, and make other choices that are harmful.

The poll numbers show that people do not accept this type of leadership any more. They have had it. They actually want representation! Breath of fresh air. I am delighted but surprised that this Power Shift from Old to New Power described in my book hit the political world this soon. I thought for sure it would take longer, and predicted in 2006 when starting the book that Old Power leaders would destroy their firms and their careers, which we have seen. I must confess though that when those words came onto the page, I blanched. Could it really be so severe? But it felt right to leave them on the page. Little did I realize how prescient my words were.

Now, I analyze all leadership behavior in terms of power--how do they use power?
Obama ran on the promise of New Power but turns out to be Old Power. Scott Brown is clearly New Power, explaining why he won a long-Democratic seat. Certainly it was not his conservative platform but his New Power leadership process!

Michael Steele's emails sound very much Old Power.
Palin's speeches demonstrate New Power in her process.
Many corporate CEOs sound like New Power when they serve on leadership panels, yet some are still using Old Power in their companies. The big banks, Chrysler, and GM were all Old Power, which is why they crashed. Ford is moving to New Power, thus survived w/out govt. funds. I realize that you have heard me say this before, but think of it now from where we are, not really recovering in the U.S.

Banks are recovering only a little, and the traders are not taking such far reaching risks, they have learned that much. Has their leadership approach changed? Time will tell. Certainly the lack of communication--the black hole-with customers who need help with mortages is Old Power, pennywise and pound foolish. It will cost them many customers in the future.
Try watching the news through this lens of power, see what you learn. Old Power leaders just want power, to grow their own power and their domain's power, just feathering their own nests. New Power leaders want to bring great results for all involved including themselves, more collaboration, less adversarial behavior.

What will a critical mass of New Power look like for leadership? How much of that critical mass must be in place before we have economic recovery?

What do you see, looking at Old and New Power behavior in leaders? Let me know, see my site below. The Power book is out in audio form as a 5 CD album, in my voice, 5 full hours, only $59.95 introductory pricing, not quite up on the site yet, email us from the site. Book description, same as audio book is on the services/products page.
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