Friday, January 12, 2007

What Do You Really Want for 2007?

Set your goals, set your goals! It comes at you from every direction! But stop and think.

Do your goals really reflect what you want or just what you think you should want because everyone around you does?

Go over your list of goals and stop at every one. In your heart of hearts, is this what
you really want? Why do you want this?

Sit down and have a meeting with yourself. You deserve to start the year on a great track!

Set your goals from your heart, not just your head! You will have a lot more fun
reaching your goals and they will mean so much more to you when you get there!


Wishing you the best of joy and success!

Dr. Linne Bourget

Author, What You Say Is What You Get™: The Secret Language of Great Business Results, by Dr. Linne Bourget, endorsed by Mark Victor Hansen Co-creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul® and Co-author, The One Minute Millionaire and Dr. Warren Bennis, Distinguished Professor of Business, University of Southern California, author/co-author of 27 leadership books, including On Becoming a Leader, Organizing Genius and Geeks and Geezers, consultant to four U.S. Presidents, the United Nations and Fortune 500 CEOs. You can buy this very user-friendly, fast to read, practical powerful book, based on 20+ years of client feedback, at

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