Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Most Powerful Leadership Choice in Decades...the U.S. Presidential Election

Hello, Everyone,

As Europe hesitates and delays progress with its internal power struggles, inevitable with socialism as the more and less fiscally responsible countries try to find a fair solution when there really are none
due to the extremes of Greece, Spain, etc., I turn my attention to the U.S. election.

As the U. S. is increasingly vulnerable to the same issues as Europe due to the current administrations
ideology and authoritarian domestic leadership style, this election is the most important in a very long time.

As an expert in leadership styles, I found both debates to date to be very telling.
In the first, Obama was disengaged, unprepared, inarticulate and a clear loser.  He did not care enough to prepare and is used to being the whole show, so his weakness in collaborative process was glaring.  This is typical of authoritarians.  Romney was the clear winner, strong, articulate, prepared, authoritative, presidential, powerful yet statesmanlike.

The V. P. debate was also revealing..Biden's rudeness, smirking, constant interrupting, was amazingly condescending and again, authoritarian, a national embarrassment.  Not the least statesmanlike. As one commentator said, it is frightening to think of having his finger on the nuclear button!  In 30 years of working with senior executives, I have never allowed this behavior in any of my client teams. 

The only good thing about Biden's behavior is that so many women, one radio show host said, were switching to Romney/Ryan based on Biden's behavior.  This is of course predictable, but clearly Biden did not care about the women's vote...a strategic error to be sure.  The deeper issue though is how his behavior reveals his character.

I have wondered all along why they couldn't get things done in DC...it is of course up to the President to make sure that parties work together, the buck stops at the White House.  Now I see why.  Obama either does not care or lacks the skill in collaborative process.  But even if he lacks the skill, he has access to experts if he really wants to lead and get things done.

The Libya situation, not taking briefings in person, just on paper and the lack of leadership--choosing to be the abdicrat-- with all energy campaigning also reveal character and priorities.  The rest of the nation hangs in the balance, with even top CEOs afraid to commit to expenditures/investments due to fear.  The recent market rally had little volume.  Large firms are sitting on $1.7 trillion in cash!  Investors are sitting on the sidelines.  Small businesses cannot get funding....I have spoken to at least 10 this week!  

Bottom Line:  I have never seen so much fear, despair and frustration as I see expressed toward this administration in the business community....everyone I speak with is in fear or despair, and I gravitate to positive can-do professionals!

Wake up, America!  We can still get back on track, although it will be challenging.  Please vote for
the only candidate who has a clue about business and economic realities---with  Romney and Ryan
we have a chance.  Otherwise, our entire nation is at risk economically, psychologically and spiritually.

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