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From Dr. Linne for Positive Leaders--What Crucial Resource Can You Not See? August 2015

From Dr. Linne for Positive Leaders--What Crucial Business Resource Can You Not See? August 2015

Dear Clients, Colleagues, Friends and Family,

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Recently I gave some very clear positive feedback to a fellow entrepreneur (not a client) and he deflected it!  He did not see or own his own greatness!
As a result he is not taking advantage of expansion opportunities for his firm.

This sparked reflections on my client executives, most of whom have been brilliant, highly educated at top schools, leaders in their fields and very successful.
What have they taught me about strengths as a leadership focus? When I began my appreciative leadership work, no one else was doing this and there was no research to guide my Ph.D. dissertation, so clients became guideposts.

1.  They usually do not see or under-see their strengths and greatness in depth, compared to what I see in them.
2.  They are uncomfortable discussing strengths and do not know how to until they have learned my business-friendly language system for this.
3.  They have no idea how much money they leave lying on the road from not seeing/applying strengths to their bottom line systematically in all leadership behavior.

I saw this when starting my positive strengths-based leadership work and was, and still am, amazed. 

How can this be? How can these best and brightest not see their best? Excutives have often been surprised that I can see their strengths quickly when they cannot, even though they have worked together for years!

"Without full knowledge of your best, you have only half the truth - the worst half."
Dr. Linne’s Power Quote

I learned that the culture rarely supports discussing strengths and greatness in depth.
As a result, we have massive under-use of strengths because so few are really seen and applied via all leadership behavior systematically.
This means lower profits, more stress and struggle and a lot less fun!
After all, what resource is more crucial for business success than your leadership team's strengths?

Even companies assessing strengths do not have an integrated set of strengths-based leadership systems to apply strengths  to the bottom line, starting with a road-tested Engine and Four Wheels strengths communication system.

There’s a saying: "An opportunity sustains an enterprise for a year; good management sustains an enterprise for a decade;  good corporate culture sustains an enterprise for a century."

How clear is your company's culture about basing success on strengths?
How deeply do you and your team see strengths?
How thoroughly do you have comprehensive systems in place for strengths-based leadership?

Only have you have done both well can you maximize success, profits, and keep the best talent!
One of my first client teams increased revenue by 35-40% in just a few months using this approach!
How about you?  How skilled are you in this?  How high are your Positive Quotient®PQ and your Appreciative Quotient®AQ? If I interviewed your teams, how would they rate you on this?

Peace and Prosperity to You!
Dr. Linne

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