Sunday, September 30, 2012

European crisis and the markets rally??? Really?

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Watching Europe and the markets' irrational exuberance after Draghi's offer, then of course all the ongoing power struggles between ECB, national leaders and the people rioting...This is all about who has the power (see my book on Leaders and Power below), and the markets keep reacting as if one leader's pronouncement will fix things.  But the EU was put in place without sufficiently clear agreements on consequences, so now they are in the midst of a power and money crisis, PLUS having to build the car as they drive, while their people are rioting.  And the markets rise?  Really?  They did finally come down a little, and a few Wall Street commentators do see the real picture.

Any short term fix will not fix the underlying "cultural" (read, behavioral) situation.

The real issue is that socialism creates immature dependencies and that since it is not economically viable, the rude awakening felt by the people is a demand on them to grow up and become more independent and self-sufficient.  Work.  Pay taxes.  Don't expect to retire at 50.  The basics of growing up.  Here we see that old Psychosocial Maturation Stages Model I mentioned before:

Interdependence    Highest
Dependence.         Lowest

The riots are counterdependent, of course, the upset of being yanked out of dependency.  Adolescent rebellion.  Expect more.  Tough to give up the gravy train! But so much tougher to keep it!

Remember my favorite joke going around in Economist circles:  "The problem with socialism is that
you run out of other people's money!!"

As I said in my last post, Germany, the best and most capitalistic, is being punished, and the profligate countries are being rewarded.  Any social system which punishes the best will fail, as the worst performers will bring it down.  USSR, anyone?

Growing up is tough, but without it, no nation can survive.

I have the same fears about the U.S. Frightening!
Europe could not be giving the world a more graphic lesson in the failure of socialism.
I pray that our own leaders....and voters in the U.S....wake up and see this in time!!

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