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HI Positive Leaders!

Fun story about an entrepreneur's strengths-based success, from Dr. Linne Bourget, M.A, M.B.A, Ph.D. , Strengths Based Leadership Trailblazer! March 2018

Got Strengths? Why Did the Entrepreneur Jump Up and Down?

As it is Spring, the time of new starts and expansion, here is a fun story from my new Strengths-Owning Manual in my What You Say Is What You Get®: Positive Leadership Series

Invited to teach an Open University class for managers and entrepreneurs, I had them list their strengths. After much moaning and groaning, which did not deter me, they had their lists completed. At the end of Week 1, I assigned homework to focus on their strengths daily! 

At the start of Week 2 “Jerry”, an entrepreneur, was jumping up and down in his chair, waving his hand in the air. He was very excited, wanting me to call on him first. 

He said, “This has been the best week at work I have ever had! Things went so well...!!” He said he had the most productive and exciting week of his life, and had gotten twice much done as usual. He had opened doors to several new customer bases and was thrilled at the possibilities at expanding his business. Plus he was having more fun than ever as his business accelerated! He was very appreciative
for this breakthrough!

“Clients are grateful to discover they are ‘greatful’.” Dr. Linne’s Power Quote

He said he never knew what focusing on his strengths would really do for him. His strengths were a secret from him! Others in the class told similar stories, especially those who actually did the homework! I could see on some faces they had not done the homework and were really regretting it, missing out on the benefits. Clearly strengths are results-friendly!

“You can only use what you know you have, and you can only get results with resources you use.”  Dr. Linne’s Power Quote

What Are Your Positive Power Takeaways?

1. It Pays to Focus on Strengths - “Jerry” saw that by being open to the positive innovative focus on strengths, and doing the work in good faith, he got great results in his business and was more excited and productive than ever. He raised his Positive Quotient®, or PQ, making friends with his strengths!

2. He saw that he had never focused on strengths because the business culture was focused on problems and weaknesses instead of strengths-based solutions. It was not that he was resisting the positive...he just never thought to focus on it!

3. He saw that by doing the homework faithfully, new business worlds opened up to him with much greater opportunity, from his expanded concept of himself! In just one week his life and business were transformed!

Got Strengths?  How Do You Rate?
How fully do you know your strengths?
How systematically do you and your team apply them for great results?
If I interviewed your teams, how high would they rate you as a Strengths Leader?

“I think the most important thing is to look for the best in people and get the best from them…”
 Sir Richard Branson, CEO, the Virgin companies.

Of course, this includes yourself!  Enjoy working with your strengths!  Notice the results!

I appreciate all your positive leadership!
Peace and prosperity,
Dr. Linne

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