Friday, July 04, 2014

What You Say Is What You Get(R)--July 4 Independent or Interdependent Leader? How Do You Rate?

 Hello Everyone,

From Dr Linne- for Positive Leaders--Happy 4th of July! 

In giving thanks for our nation's freedoms, still great even under current challenges, I am
reflecting on why I celebrate Independence Day and Interdependence Day --both are crucial for leaders.
Why? What do these terms mean?
We all know that independence means we can stand on our own, in our own strength, and this is good, because
a chain is only as strong as the weakest link...isn't it?
How do you rate in thinking for yourself, holding to your own values, bringing your best strength to your most important leadership relationships?
What score would you give yourself, 1= low, 10= high?

Yet we all know that spiritually, psychologically and practically, we all need more than just ourselves in order to thrive and succeed?
We need spiritual guidance, peace and balance.
We need to grow beyond independence to work in healthy collaboration and synergy with others--what I call in my work the 1+1=15!
We need to be mature enough psychologically to build and sustain these high-synergy relationships of strong individuals
coming together to create more than they could ever dream of achieving alone.

Yet many teams do not require enough individual strength to foster great teams...they settle for less.
And many team members do not give their best, waiting for others to go first, not sure what is needed...and not asking to find out!
In training and development situations, teams can do well helping the weaker members along.
But ultimately, each individual must choose to be in their strengths and greatness and bring that to their teams,
week in and week out, sustainably.
And each positive leader must insist on and create the space for this...
This takes active work...and the rewards can be huge....I have seen teams do things beyond their wildest imagination once
they implement this way of working from strengths...e. g. one client team increased revenue 35-40% in a few months.
This positive path takes is not for the faint of heart...and is thus quintessentially American!!

How do you rate as an interdependent leader?
How well do you create space for other strong independent people to work closely with you?
Do you nourish and "feed" your strongest most positive colleagues,  and friends?
How well do you support them?  As well as they support you?
How well do you sustain your best interdependent working relationships?  Are you in contact at least weekly?
If I asked your team members how well you do this, what would they tell me?

A colleague and friend who went through major losses a few years back tried to handle things on his did not work out well..he reached the limits
of independence, very constraining when multiple skills and views are needed beyond our own.
This time he has learned to be an interdependent leaders and reach out for help...very smart to be a grower and learner...his foundation will
be stronger as a result, if he sustains great 2-way interdependence, giving as well as receiving.

How do you rate yourself as an interdependent leader?  How well do you foster this high-synergy teamwork?  1- low, 10= high.
Think about your ratings....what looks great?  Where do you need strengthening?

So, when I am standing for the color guard to bring in the flag tonight at our dance convention, and singing the Star Spangled Banner (I know all the you?), I will be appreciating living in a country which makes space for independent and interdependent leader and team members---because
it is up to all of us to take that space and make it work!!
In appreciation of all of you, wishing you a joyful July 4th,
and strengths, peace and prosperity!! 

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