Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Power of Appreciating Differences


Just got back from a week in Kona with Mark Victor Hansen's (Chicken Soup Books) and Robert G. Allen's (No Money Down author) Inner Circle meeting. This was my first junket to Hawaii and the culture was different from anything I had seen. The landscape, the food, the language, the energy, the climate - everything was different. I realized when I heard other people instantly critisize something different from what they were used to, that my first response is neutral or positive.

I noticed the stark black volcanic land all around us, but my first response was to be interested rather than to judge. I deeply appreciate my parents, who taught us, as we traveled often and lived in other countries, to respect and appreciate different cultures. This has served me well in my business as I gravitate towards clients who have unusual or unique characteritics and corporate cultures and they enjoy being appreciated.

Differences keep my spirit alive. As the world gets smaller and smaller, cultural differences become a larger part of our every day lives. The more we celebrate and appreciate them, the more succesful we will be.

Today, seek out differences and appreciate them. With practice, you can develop this as a mindset and business skill.


Dr. Linne Bourget

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Research Catches Up with Reality

Twenty-five years ago, when I began my work on positive leadership communications, skeptics challenged me on my assertion that for every negative statement there should be at least four positive statements, the usual 80/20 rule. In truth, since there was no research at this at the time and my Ph.D dissertation on positive feedback was the first of its kind, I adopted the 80/20 rule simply because it was a formula my clients already knew. Where were the researchers when I needed them?

As they were not accustomed to giving or receiving and positive feedback at all, they considered my 80/20 request radical indeed, another instance in which I was too early, a natural futurist. Now, a quarter-century later, researchers at the University of Michigan have found that companies with 50/50 ratio of positive to negative statement have negative performance and have found that it takes a ratio of 90/10 positive statements in order to receive excellent results! At last, I have support from the researchers. I was too conservative! Now I can tell my clients about the 90% rule and actually have research to back me up.

In my field, the academics are usually behind the practitioners and when the researchers catch up to us. How excellent is your company in its positive communication habits? In every meeting you attend, what percentage of the statements are positive versus negative? What percentage of your statements are positive versus negative? How close are you to the 90% excellence line? For one week, count your positive versus negative statements. How are you doing?

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Wishing you every success and happy counting! Remember, What You Say Is What You Get(R).

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