Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Leaders! Do not even think of setting 2014 goals until you do this!

Hi Everyone,

Why do so many goals go unfulfilled?  We mean well, but somehow they get lost in our multi-tasked to-do lists.

What does it take to persevere enough to actually acheive our goals?

You may already have your goals written, so if you have, back up and do this now to put a foundation under your goals.

If you have not done your goals yet, by all means, do this first, then write your goals.

Here is the secret I use with planning and goal-setting with clients:  Always go over your previous year's foundation of your achievements and celebrate those to give you enough positive momentum.  Without doing this you are just putting more pressure on yourself without also adding greater support and appreciation...this just does not work! Everyone needs to be appreciated and have their successes celebrated!
"The deepest craving in human nature is to be appreciated."
William James, Harvard Psychologist

This appreciation and celebration and actually facing up to your achievements the previous year gives you the fuel you need in your mental/emotional gas tank to push your goals to fruition!  This in turn gives you more success and opportunities for growth!

So, make your list of achievements, celebrate and THEN set or revisit your goals!!
Wishing you the best of success!
Dr Linne Bourget

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