Monday, October 20, 2008

Pull Out All the Stops--Use Your Best

Hello Everyone,

Right now our country stands at the brink of a huge leadership decision,
perhaps the most important of many decades. Our economy is
severely limited by an unprecedented aggregate of events. Many
do not understand the complexity of what has happened or
what must happen to put things right.

But one thing is clear. Our economic growth and repair is the
single most important key to our well being and national security.
Regardless of our political positions on other issues, we must
have a president who will get lending capital flowing, create jobs and reduce taxes.
Our best hope right now is McCain.

I am not taken in by Obama's glamour and oratory, as there are too many troubling
aspects to his past. At best, they indicate that he has extremely poor
judgment in associates and his ethics are in question. While campaigning
for change, he presents a most traditional platform and has taken
huge amounts of earmarks-pork-while McCain has taken none.
As a positive change leadership expert,this is not my idea of change.

As a professional speaker and change leadership expert, I know that motivational
speaking and leading a country are two very different skill sets.
Motivation is necessary but it takes far more than that to
recover from our current state. We need leadership experience!!

Our best hope is McCain now. He is dedicated to our country above all else
and is not at an age where he is trying to feather his political nest for the future.
And his economic policies have a much better chance of setting us right. He
has worked across the aisle for decades. And we need the balance of power
desperately. We have a democratic Congress--we need a Republican
President. It's not that I agree with everything about McCain....but
right now, he is our best hope. Make no mistake.

How about you? Are you using your best skills to promote your economic
survival and thrival during this time? What are your best strengths and
how can you use them to generate more income? Think about it. Talk
to your family and friends about it. There is always more inside of
us than we know. Time to discover and profit!!!

Wishing you the best. Keep your chin. Up. And please pray or
hold a positive vision for our nation. We need all the help we can get!

Warm regards,
Dr. Linne
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