Monday, May 07, 2007

The Negative Positive Group??? How can this be?

Hi Everyone - Can you believe this positive group shock story?

This week I experienced something that hauled me back to basics with a shock, to the very start of my career.

There I was, sitting in a group that teaches only positive principles. But for reasons completely beyond me, several group members showed outright hostility and condemnation! My solar plexus was in pain! I tried to speak but was cut off three times as everyone started to interrupt. It took hours to get this upset out of my body!

When I asked my intuition what to do, it told me to say nothing and wait! Since I teach intuition to executives, I know to listen! Arrgghh! Tough for me as Dr. Positive Leadership who wants to make things better and easier.

But as the drama unfolded, it turned out that the underlying cause was lack of appreciation! The most hostile-seeming person was very upset about trying to do something new, saying I, Dr. Linne, was the only one who had given any appreciation, but no one else. (Obviously, this is not a group I lead.)

As I watched the negativity ricochet around the room in this usually calm group,
I was thunderstruck to see the effects of no strengths-based positive feedback! This was right out of my dissertation on appreciation - over 25 years ago!!

It made me wonder:

  • What new roles or projects are not started due to lack of appreciation?
  • If you could measure that as a leader, in your company, what is it really costing your company?
  • How many employees and teams give up before profitability due to lack of appreciation?
  • What does that cost your company!

OK, then, time to go back to basics. Remember to give positive feedback early and often, so to speak, and know what you are doing. This takes good skills!

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You can make a powerful positive difference, if you know what you are doing!

Make it a great day!
Dr. Linne

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