Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Seven Powerful Leadership Lessons From the BP Oil Spill

Predictions about BP Oil Spill:
Predicted the morning they deployed top kill it would fail. It did.
Predicted current cap strategy would have only modest success. True so far.
Intuition says the final solution will involved some sort of cascading strategy with different mechanical levels involved and that a French scientist working on it will have a crucial key.

Seven powerful leadership lessons call to us from the BP oil spill in the Gulf!
What can we learn from this tragedy?
1. The more risk you have and the more groups involved, the more you put systems
in place to inspect, check, re-check what is going onin great detail. This applies to any part of life, health, environment, business,relationships, spiritual life, workplace issues, and everything else.
This is no time to hang out in la la land. Get into the nitty gritty. BP registered in the Marshall Islands
and not the U.S., thus the last inspection was 2005. If registered in the U.S, would have more frequent inspections.
2. Working in very difficult circumstances, do not assume you
can easily fix what crises may erupt. Be prepared for a tough
long haul once a crisis erupts. Have a plan! Be clear on what success will look like.
(I have this in my Strengths- and Success-Based Positive Planning Manual for clients.)
3. Understand that everything is interconnected, all the companies,
employees, fisherpersons, tourists, government, leaders, etc., and
what you are doing when you work in a risky situation can and will
impact a huge array of stakeholders. Think about this in advance.
(I have helped many clients shift from crisis management to this planning ethos.)
4. Because of #2 and #3, do scenario planning IN ADVANCE for
what might happen and pre-test your solutions so you can mitigate
the negative consequences for all involved when the crisis comes.
5. Make sure the leaders involved can communicate consciously and with empathy,
not just facts. Make commitments in tough times with absolute congruence
between words and nonverbals. (I have worked with many leaders on this.)
6. Understand that however upsetting, as Americans you can bet that
we will make sure some good comes from this no matter what!
7. Spiritually, everything happens for a reason and there is always a higher
positive purpose, so stay tuned and look for it. Be careful not to
send more negative energy or judgment into the Gulf, but send
them positive thoughts of healing for people, economy, creatures, environment.
Dr. Linne
"Build on Your Best"
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Dr. Linne Bourget M.A. M.B.A. Ph. D

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