Thursday, July 09, 2015

What You Say Is What You Get® Leadership in Greece-It's Not About the Money!!

The chaos in Greece reminds me of my undergraduate major in Economics at the University of Chicago,
where I focused on comparative economic systems in Russia, China, Japan and the U.S., and the impact of those systems on the behavior and psychology of the people.

I knew then Russia would collapse of its own economic weight which it did years later.  The same for Greece...the underlying issue causing economic chaos is the incredible psychological damage socialism and communism do to the people, "infantilizing" them, making them like dependent children not responsible for themselves..and the people buy into the economic lies which are impossible to fulfill. Hence Greeks do not want to work, pay taxes, pay their mortages, etc. While vilifying capitalist Germany, they want the Germans to pay for their profligacy, as Germans work hard and make money.  Seriously? 

There is a simple but powerful model in psychology:
Counterdependence--teens in rebellion
Independence--adults stand on their own
Interdependence--adults working together

Tragically Greece is struggling from dependence to counterdependence and in massive resistance
to growing up into adulthood, a culture crisis.

What is going on in Greece is the agony of having to grow up and pay up after drinking the socialist kool-aid.  Tastes good in the moment but messes up your blood sugar and drops it down to where you cannot function without other food.  As we say in Economics, "The problem with socialism is that
you run out of other people's money."  Greece has. 

Most powerful object lesson in the failure of socialism I have ever seen...a message to all nations!!
Note how this one tiny country's failure is hurting other nations.  How tragic for the ancient seat of
democracy also!

From a strengths-based leadership perspective, Greece is leading with her weakness not her strengths.
This always fails and causes worst solutions, not best.
Hopefully the U.S. will change course and stop following Greece's example.

Hoping for the best most responsible outcomes for all of Europe in their crisis,
Dr Linne Bourget

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