Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Secret power: No time to hide your light under a bushel basket!

HI Everyone,

Despite huge business and real estate challenges, I am back and still strong.
How about you? Drowning in negative media and people around you?
Still strong? Running for the hills? Hunkering down or finding ways to grow your business?
Wondering-- how can I survive and strengthen my family and friends?
Scared for what you see happening in the US economy and Washington?

Amidst all this, what is the most powerful resource you have to turn things around
in your life and the lives of those you care about?

Simple: Your strengths and greatness! They are yours. They are still there. You
still have them. No one can take them from you, despite external circumstances.

The thing is--do you have any idea of what your strengths are? Other than that
list you use for your job interviews, how well do you really know your greatness?
Not well? You are not alone!

Think about this--where in our culture do you learn your greatness? Home?
School? Work? I doubt it! Our culture, as now, focuses on what is wrong,
not what is right! Yet what is right is our greatest resource! And knowing how
to identify and apply your deepest greatness for business success--where is
that taught?

In working with clients, we always start with their deepest greatness and
then fold them out into their careers or business strategy. Not only do
they love being seen for their very best, deeply, they realize that
they have under-succeeded hugely compared to what they can do
with their greatness applied! Seeing their results is so rewarding.

When I started this work decades ago, I had no idea how
powerful it was, but clients make it crystal clear the difference it makes for them.
A recent client who saw and applied her strengths more fully got a raise in a few weeks of working with me despite her company laying people off! In this economy!

So this is no time to hide your light. Find out your strengths and deepest
greatness. Turn your business and financial life around! And enjoy!
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Wishing you the best of your strengths!
Dr. Linne

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