Monday, February 05, 2018

The Silent Grinch CEO's Huge Loss--How High is Your Appreciative Quotient®?

The Silent Grinch CEO's Huge Loss--How High is Your Appreciative Quotient®
What You Say Is What You Get® Positive Leadership Power Newsletter 
from Dr. Linne Bourget, M.A, M.B.A, Ph.D.

 "Larry" the CFO had never made a bad decision in his 5 years there, but his CEO never appreciated him, so Larry left for another job. 
The CEO was shocked, then telling Larry, "You have never made a bad decision."  Larry said, "You could have told me that." 
Worse, the CEO pretended losing him was no big deal, which angered Larry's team, who respected him highly! So 5 of Larry's top finance team left, offended! 
Imagine the chaos in their financial operations and the risk of financial loss! 
Very scary!

This CEO (not my client!) was a silent Grinch...he did not criticize Larry, but his silence and lack of positive feedback were deadly. 
That CEO had an Appreciative Quotient®, or AQ, of ZERO plus no behavioral risk management skills!
Giving appreciation is so much better, easier and more cost effective!

This shows the financial power of appreciative leadership and the connection between the leadership heart and the bottom line. 
Many think appreciation has no financial impact, but research shows that more positive business cultures are more profitable!

Be sure your Appreciative Quotient®, or AQ, is high! If you are skilled, it bonds your teams together and creates better results. And it strengthens your family relationships!

“What strengthens the human spirit strengthens results.  What weakens the human spirit weakens results.” Dr. Linne’s Power Quote

Wishing you every joy for Valentine's Day and a peaceful prosperous 2018!

I appreciate all your positive leadership in your company and all the good you do in the world!

Peace and Prosperity,
Dr. Linne

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